The Path to Mastery

The struggle of the northern peoples, and in fact of any people, starts with the realization that we are not all peers. Free from the misleading gravitational pull of resentment, we recognize only those as peers who are willing to make a commitment, both in thought and action, to ancestral bonds, a noble spirit, vigor, a creative force, the metamorphic soul and the primal force of the Will.

We rise not by battling the diseases of modernity. But by rising above and beyond ourselves, those diseases will inevitably perish in the shades our light casts. Thus we become Masters over Order & Chaos, and Masters of Destiny.

And though some of us might fail and fall, our path will not be marked by weakness, cowardice or dishonor, but by the gallery of fallen heroes who even in failing inspire us to rise above ourselves.

– Roger Dols


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