The Spirit of Destiny

All peoples live through different ages in the course of their history.
Each age has its own distinct form and shape in which it expresses itself.
But there are values that transcend these different ages and its manifestations.
These Higher Principles serve no material interest, but only the vigor, virility and creative power of a people.
For us they are the expression of the soul of the European peoples.

The Higher Principles are the pillars of wisdom and necessity.
They are the pole around which our laws revolve.
A man is only bound to obey the law if the law obeys the Higher Principles.
If the law leads astray from these principles, a man has the obligation to disobey the law.
He must then become a man against his time and its laws.


In the hyperborean spirit, the noblest among us stand up and face their task.
Forged between the hammer and anvil, their northern spirits rise.
They rise to become the new men, beyond zero and beyond all.
These protagonists become masters of Order & Chaos, masters of destiny.
They become the new law, and out of the cleansing fires they build a new world.


The wisdom of Hyperborean man,
is a fire that pierces the dark and reveals the enemies of the sacred Will to Life.
The wisdom of Hyperborean man,
is a blade that cuts the ties of the spirit of gravity to free our path to destiny.
Thus we fight.


– Roger Dols


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