We are our own allies

There is no substitute for strength, courage and mastery.
Only strength, courage and mastery creates its own space, and thus keeps the unwanted at bay.

The only thing that will ensure a golden future for the European peoples, is to forge our own destiny. And we should forge it from the precious, raw ore that is the European spirit. More so, we should forge ourselves between hammer and anvil. And in forging ourselves, we should be courageous, relentless, unforgiving, and a unity of danger and beauty. Keeping in mind that spirit is always Blood, Fire and Light.

Between hammer and anvil, the European spirit shall rise. As a wholeness of the material, the martial and the sacral, we shall imperturbably reforge our destiny. It shall be our own story. Ours alone.



As the current age inescapably comes to an end, we ourselves should push it over the cliff. And we should never seek cover in alliances in forging our destiny or in destroying a corrupt system. In the eternal fight to become masters of own destiny, there is one truth that should shine like a sun and strike like lightning:

There are no eternal allies, no one is coming, it’s up to us!

Like our ancestors who created numerous era’s and civilizations, We shall be the Creative Force.


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